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CNN lists Kampala Serena among the worlds top 7 luxurious hotels loved by royalty | Africa tembelea #hotels
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Heavenly Turkish Food you must try when you visit @daehder #travel
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Blog Posts

Classical Greece with Sparta and Mystras 8 days tour

Posted by Easytraveller on September 8, 2018 at 14:50 0 Comments

Upon your arrival, you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Rest of the day at leisure. Tonight we will have a panoramic tour of Athens…

YHA Kenya Travel- 3 Days Amboseli Budget Adventure Camping Safari.

Posted by James Muraguri Gichohi on March 24, 2018 at 8:30 0 Comments

Availability All Year Round.


Tour Duration: 3


Group Size: 2 people

Destination (s): Amboseli Kenya.

Specialty Categories: Amboseli Camping Safari -3 Days Amboseli camping safaris Kenya budget tours Amboseli Camping safari, Amboseli national…


YHA-Kenya Travel 2 Days 1 Night Kenya Short Safari Budget Adventure Camping Masai Mara.

Posted by James Muraguri Gichohi on March 24, 2018 at 8:22 0 Comments


This Safari / Tour is for 2 days and 1 night. It is a group joining or private if only 2 people available minimum, a budget Masai Mara wildlife camping safari. You will be in a group of maximum of 7 people with each getting a window seat and enough space at the rooftop during game drives. Accommodation will be at the tented camp with built-in modern toilets, hot showers, and generator electricity supply.…


11 Days Combined Kenya and Tanzania Adventure Camping Safari.

Posted by James Muraguri Gichohi on March 24, 2018 at 8:00 0 Comments


An East African Budget Safari to Kenya & Tanzania's top game parks! Go game viewing in world-famous Serengeti in Tanzania and legendary Maasai Mara Kenya, Tarangire, Ngoro Ngoro Crater & Lake Nakuru on this Kenya & Tanzania Budget Adventure Camping Safari.

This combined Kenya and…


YHA-Kenya Travel 2 Days 1 Night Kenya Short Safari Budget Adventure Camping Masai Mara.

Posted by James Muraguri Gichohi on March 24, 2018 at 8:00 0 Comments


This Safari / Tour is for 2 days and 1 night. It is a group joining or private if only 2 people available minimum, a budget Masai Mara wildlife camping safari. You will be in a group of maximum of 7 people with each getting a window seat and enough space at the rooftop during game drives. Accommodation will be at the tented camp with built-in modern toilets, hot showers, and generator electricity supply.…


Experience Breathtaking Views on Kenya Balloon Safaris Masai Mara.

Posted by James Muraguri Gichohi on February 27, 2018 at 3:30 0 Comments

Kenya Hot Air Balloon Safaris.

Kenya Hot Air Balloon Safaris.

Hot Air Ballon Safaris/Balloon Safari/ Balloon Safaris/ Book Balloon Safaris/ Balloon Safaris In Kenya/ Hot Air Ballooning / Masai Mara Wildlife Safaris/ Kenya Adventures/ Kenya Adventure…




About YHA Kenya Travel.

Started by James Muraguri Gichohi in Travel Destinations Dec 4, 2018. 0 Replies

YHA Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris is a professional and experienced tour operator for Kenya, Tanzania holidays, We seek to give you best expert advice on affordable good value Kenya Camping safaris, holiday trips, Adventure,tours price on all…Continue

Tags: Ballooon, Cheap, Small, Safari, Balloon

Athens mini cruise Delphi folklore show 5 days vacation

Started by Easytraveller in Travel Destinations Sep 8, 2018. 0 Replies

DAY 1: ATHENSUpon arrival, you will be met and transferred to your selected hotel. The balance of the day at leisure.DAY 2: ATHENS – HALF DAY CITY TOUR – BY NIGHT TOUR…Continue

Kenya Wildebeest Migration Safari, YHA Kenya Travel Packages.

Started by James Muraguri Gichohi in Travel Destinations Feb 27, 2018. 0 Replies

Kenya Wildebeest Migration Safari Holidays.The Great Wildebeest Migration Kenya Safari.The Great Kenya Wildebeest Migration Safari, Book Now!Book and enjoy an all inclusive Kenya annual wildebeest migration safari package, to world tourist wonder…Continue

Tags: budget, holidays, small, ride, air

YHA Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris.

Started by James Muraguri Gichohi in Travel Destinations Feb 24, 2018. 0 Replies

Kenya Budget Safaris, Kenya Adventure Camping Safaris.YHA-Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris. Call Us +254722655321 +254713713831Karibu Kenya! “Swahili word for Welcome” Welcome to Kenya an amazingly beautiful land of wonders full of adventure,…Continue

Tags: Migration, Wildlife, Wildebeest, Group, Cheap

Tourism Offices

Tourism Offices Around The World

United States Citizens - Department of State

Follow on Twitter @TravelGov

Know before you go.  Enroll in the Safe Travelers Program from the Department of State

STEP Program

Current Travel Warnings from the Department Of State

United Kingdom: Foreign And Common Wealth Offices

Follow updates on @foreignoffice

Domestic | International

ALABAMA Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel, 1-800-252-2262,

ALASKA: Alaska Division of Tourism, 907-929-2200,

ARIZONA: Arizona Office of Tourism, 1-800-842-8257,

ARKANSAS: Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, 1-800-628-8725,

CALIFORNIA: California Division of Tourism, 1-800-862-2543 (for a brochure) or 916-322-2881,

COLORADO: Colorado Travel and Tourism Authority , 1-800-265-6723,

CONNECTICUT: Tourism Division of Connecticut Department of Economic Development, 800-282-6863,

DELAWARE: Delaware Tourism Office, 1-800-441-8846,

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Washington, D.C: D.C. Committee to Promote Washington, 800-422-8644, 

FLORIDA: Florida Division of Tourism, 1-888-735-2872,

GEORGIA: Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism, 1-800-847-4842,

HAWAII: Hawaii Visitors Bureau, 800-464-2924,

IDAHO: Idaho Division of Tourism Development, 1-800-635-7820,

ILLINOIS: Illinois Bureau of Tourism, 1-800-226-6632,

INDIANA: Indiana Tourism, 1-888-365-6946,

IOWA: Iowa Department of Tourism, 1-800-345-4692,

KANSAS: Kansas Travel and Tourism Development Division, 1-800-252-6727,

KENTUCKY: Kentucky Department of Travel, 1-800-225-8747,

LOUISIANA: Louisiana Office of Tourism, 1-800-677-4082,

MAINE: Maine Office of Tourism, 1-888-624-6345,

MARYLAND: Maryland Office of Tourism Development, 1-800-634-7386,

MASSACHUSETTS: Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, 1-800-447-6277,

MICHIGAN: Travel Michigan, 1-888-784-7328,

MINNESOTA: Minnesota Office of Tourism, 1-800-657-3700,

MISSISSIPPI: Mississippi Division of Tourism Development, 1-800-927-6378,

MISSOURI: Missouri Division of Tourism, 1-800-877-1234,

MONTANA: Travel Montana, 1-800-847-4868,

NEBRASKA: Nebraska Division of Travel and Tourism, 1-800-228-4307,

NEVADA: Nevada Commission on Tourism, 1-800-638-2328,

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Division of Travel and Tourism Development, 1-800-386-4664

NEW JERSEY: New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism, 1-800-847-4865,

NEW MEXICO: New Mexico Department of Tourism, 1-800-545-2040,

NEW YORK: New York State Division of Tourism, 1-800-225-5697: New York Convention and Visitors Bureau, 212-397-8222 (for New York City literature only,) and

NORTH CAROLINA: North Carolina Travel and Tourism, 1-800-847-4862 ,

NORTH DAKOTA: North Dakota Tourism Office, 1-800-435-5663,

OHIO: Ohio Tourism, 1-800-282-5393,

OKLAHOMA: Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, 1-800-652-6552,

OREGON: Oregon Tourism Commission, 1-800-547-7842,

PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania Tourism, 1-800-847-4872,

RHODE ISLAND: Rhode Island Office of Travel, Tourism and Film Production, 1-800-556-2484,

SOUTH CAROLINA: South Carolina Department of Tourism, 1-8800-346-3634,

SOUTH DAKOTA: South Dakota Tourism, 1-800-732-5682,

TENNESSEE: Tennessee Department of Tourism Development, 1-800-462-8366,

TEXAS: Texas Department of Commerce, Tourism Division, 1-800-888-8839,

UTAH: Utah Travel Council, 1-800-200-1160,

VERMONT: Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing, 1-800-837-6668,

VIRGINIA: Virginia Tourism Corporation, 1-800-934-9184,

WASHINGTON: Washington State Tourism Office, 1-800-544-1800,

WEST VIRGINIA: West Virginia Division of Tourism, 1-800-225-5982,

WISCONSIN: Wisconsin Department of Tourism, 1-800-432-8747,

WYOMING: Wyoming Business Council Travel and Tourism, 1-800-225-5996,


AFRICA:  Department of Tourism - Republic of South Africa

ALBANIA: Embassy of Albania, 202-223-4942.

ALBERTA: Travel Alberta, 1-800-661-8888,

ALGERIA: Embassy of Algeria, 1-202-265-2800,

ANGUILLA: Anguilla Tourist Board, 1-800-553-4939,

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA: Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism, 888-268-4227,

ARGENTINA: Argentina Government Tourist Information, 212-603-0443,

ARUBA: Aruba Tourism Authority, 1-800-862-7822,

AUSTRALIA: Australian Tourist Commission, 800-369-6863,

AUSTRIA: Austrian National Tourist Office, 212-944-6880,

BAHAMAS: Bahamas Tourist Office, 1-800-422-4262,

BARBADOS: Barbados Tourism Authority, 1-800-221-9831,

BELGIUM: Belgian Tourist Office, 212-758-8130,

BELIZE: Belize Tourist Board, 1-800-624-0686,

BERMUDA: Bermuda Department of Tourism, 1-800-223-6106,

BHUTAN: Bhutan Travel, 1-800-950-9908,

BOLIVIA: Embassy of Bolivia, 202-483-4410

BONAIRE: Bonaire Tourism Office, 1-800-266-2473,

BOTSWANA: Embassy of the Republic of Botswana, 202-244-4990

BRAZIL: Brazilian Embassy, 202-238-2828,

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Supernatural British Columbia, 1-800-663-6000,

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: BVI Tourism Board, 1-800-835-8530,

BULGARIA: Embassy of Bulgaria, 202-387-0174,

CANADA: Canada Tourism Commission, 202-682-1775,

CARIBBEAN: Caribbean Tourism Organization, 1-212-635-9530,

CAYMAN ISLANDS: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, 1-800-346-3313,

CENTRAL AMERICA: University of Texas Latin American Studies,

CHILE: Chilean Embassy, 202-785-1746

CHINA: China National Tourist Office, 212-760-8218,

COSTA RICA: Costa Rica National Tourist Bureau, 1-800-343-6332,

CROATIA: Croatian National Tourist Office, 212-279-8672,

CUBA: Cuban Interest Section, 1-202-797- 8518,

CURACAO: Curacao Tourism Development Bureau, 1-800-270-3350,

CYPRUS: Cyprus Tourism Organization, 212-683-5280,

CZECH REPUBLIC: Czech Center, 212-288-0830,

DENMARK: Scandinavian Tourist Board, 212-885-9700,

DOMINICA: Dominica Tourist Office, 888-645-5637,

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Dominican Republic Tourist Office, 800-752-1151,

ECUADOR: Embassy of Ecuador, 202-234-7200,

EGYPT: Egyptian Tourist Authority, 877-773-4978,

EL SALVADOR: Embassy of El Salvador, 202-265-9671

ESTONIA: Embassy of Estonia, 202-588-0101

EUROPE: Europe Travel Bureau, 1-888-745-3876,

FIJI: Fiji Visitors Bureau, 800-932-3454

FINLAND: Scandinavian Tourist Board, 212-885-9700,

FRANCE: French Tourist Office, 410-286-8310,

GERMANY: German National Tourist Office, 212-661-7200,

GREAT BRITAIN: British Tourist Authority, 800-462-2748,

GREECE: Greek National Tourist Organization, 212-421-5777,

GRENADA: Grenada Board of Tourism, 1-800-927-9554,

GUADELOUPE: French Government Tourist Office, 202-659-7779,

GUATEMALA: Guatemala Tourist Commission, 888-464-8281,

HAITI: Embassy of Haiti, 202-332-4090, 

HONDURAS: Honduras Institute of Tourism, 800-410-9608,

HONG KONG: Hong Kong Tourist Association, 800-282-4582,

HUNGARY: Hungarian National Tourist Office, 212-355-0240,

ICELAND: Iceland Tourist Board, 212-885-9700,

INDIA: Government of India Tourist Office, 212-586-4901,

INDONESIA: Indonesian Consulate, 213- 383-5126,

IRELAND: Tourism Ireland, 800-223-6470

ISRAEL: Israel Ministry of Tourism, 888-774-7723,

ITALY: Italian Government Tourist Office, 212-245-4822, 

JAMAICA: Jamaica Tourist Board, 1-800-233-4582,

JAPAN: Japan National Tourist Organization, 212-757-5640,

KENYA: Kenya Tourist Board, 212-486-1300,

KOREA: Korea National Tourism Organization, 800-868-7567,

KYRGYZSTAN: Embassy of Kyrgyzstan, 202-338-5141,

LATVIA: Embassy of Latvia, 202-726-8213,

LIECHTENSTEIN: Switzerland Tourism , 212-757-5944,

LITHUANIA: Embassy of Lithuania, 202-234-5860,

LUXEMBOURG: Luxembourg National Tourist Office, 212-935-8888,

MALAYSIA: Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board, 800-558-6787, or

MALTA: Malta Tourist Office, 212-430-3799,

MANITOBA: Manitoba Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism, 1-800-665-0040,

MARTINIQUE: Martinique Promotion Bureau, 1-800-391-4909,

MEXICO: Mexican Government Tourism Office, 800-446-3942,

MONACO: Monaco Government Tourist Bureau, 1-800-753-9696,

MOROCCO: Moroccan National Tourist Office, 212-557-2520,

NAMIBIA: Namibia Tourism, 800-626-4242,

NEPAL: Nepal Tourism Board, 202-667-4550,

NETHERLANDS: Netherlands Board of Tourism, 1-888-464-6552,

NEW BRUNSWICK: New Brunswick Tourism, 1-800-561-0123,

NEWFOUNDLAND: Tourism Newfoundland and Labrador, 1-800-563-6353,

NEW ZEALAND: Tourism New Zealand, 1-800-388-5494,

NORTHERN IRELAND: British Tourist Authority, 800-462-2748 ,

NORWAY: Scandinavian Tourist Board, 212-885-9700,

NOVA SCOTIA: Nova Scotia Information Center, 1-800-565-0000 or 207-772-6131,

OMAN: Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman, 202-387-1980

ONTARIO: Ontario Travel, 1-800-668-2746,

PAKISTAN: Embassy of Pakistan, Information Division, 202-939-6225

PANAMA: Panama Tourism Bureau, 800-557-0017,

PAPUA NEW GUINEA:Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotions Authority, 949-752-5440,

PERU: Embassy of Peru, Cultural Affairs Office, 202-833-9860, Ext: 314,

PHILIPPINES: Philippines Department of Tourism, 415-956-4060,

POLAND: Polish National Tourist Office, 212-338-9412,

PORTUGAL: Portuguese National Tourist Office, 212-354-4403,

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Tourism Co., 1-800-223-6530,

QUEBEC: Quebec Tourism, 1-877-BONJOUR (1-877-266-5687),

ROMANIA: Romanian Tourist Office, 212-545-8484,

RUSSIA: Embassy of the Russian Federation (visa info only), 202-726-8213,

SABA: Saba Tourist Bureau, 011-599-4-62231,

ST BARTS: French Government Tourist Office, 410-286-8310, 

ST EUSTATIUS: St: Eustatius Tourist Bureau, 011-599-3-182-433,

ST KITTS & NEVIS: St: Kitts Tourism Authority, 1-800-582-6208,

ST LUCIA: St: Lucia Tourist Board, 1-800-456-3984,

ST MAARTEN: St: Maarten Tourist Board, 1-800-786-2278,

ST MARTIN: French Government Tourist Board, 410-286-8310,

ST VINCENT & THE GRENADINES: St: Vincent and the Grenadines Tourist Office, 1-800-729-1726,

SASKATCHEWAN: Tourism Saskatchewan, 1-877-237-2273,

SCOTLAND: British Tourist Authority, 800-462-2748,

SLOVAK REPUBLIC: Embassy of the Slovak Republic, 202-237-1054, ext. 240,

SLOVENIA: Slovenia Tourist Office, 212-358-9686,

SOUTH AFRICA: South African Tourism Board, 1-800-822-5368,

SOUTH AMERICA: University of Texas Latin American Studies,

SPAIN: Tourist Office of Spain, 212-265-8822,

SWEDEN: Scandinavian Tourist Board, 212-885-9700,

SWITZERLAND: Switzerland Tourism , 212-757-5944,

TAHITI: Tahiti Tourism, 310-414-8484,

THAILAND: Tourism Authority of Thailand, 800-842-4526,

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Development Co., 1-888-595-4868,

TUNISIA: Tunisian National Tourism Office, 202-466-2546,

TURKEY: Turkish Government Tourism Office, 212-687-2194,

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS: Turks & Caicos Islands Tourism Office, 1-800-241-0824,

UKRAINE: Embassy of Ukraine, 202-333-7507,

URUGUAY: Uruguay Tourist Office, 305-443-7431,

U.S: VIRGIN ISLANDS: USVI Division of Tourism, 800-372-8784,

UZBEKISTAN: Uzbekistan Tourism Office, 202-887-5300,

VENEZUELA: Embassy of the Republic of Venezuela, 202-342-2214,

VIETNAM: Embassy of Vietnam, Information Office, 202-861-0737,

YUKON TERRITORY: Tourism Yukon, 867-667-5340,

ZAMBIA: Zambia National Tourist Bureau, 212-972-7200, /zntbhome.htm

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